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Help / FAQ

Where can I find Product Manuals?
  You can find manuals for our products by clicking Product Manuals at left. If you cannot find the manual for your product or have a question that isn't answered in the manual, please use the orange "Support" tab at left to contact us with your question!
Can I order custom product?
  The minimum quantity for a custom design is 12 pieces of any one product. For information, please vist keyscaper-promo.com.
How "green" are my Keyscapers?
  Let's be perfectly clear: We're not here to engage in unscrupulous "green washing" of our products. We make totally stylish and awesome computer peripherals. They don't compost well, and although they might make lots of people a little happier, keyscapers are not going to bring about world peace.

However, there are some really important things you should know about keyscaper's ethics. We call it "revolution that counts."

Keyscaper's offices, printing, and fulfillment operations are in Portland, Oregon. We are small, woman-owned business that believes that our community -both local and global- is the best thing any of us have going, and we are committed to being responsible, respectful participants. Our Oregon facility is certified by the Fair Labor Association.

Our products are molded and assembled in China by the same folks who make keyboards for some of the largest PC retailers in the US. The factory in China is ISO 9001 certified for quality control, and we have visited the company and found that its facility could be dropped into Portland and meet US standards for health and safety.

We could just tell you everything's peachy in our facilities in the US and beyond, but we thought you might like some independent credentials to back it up.

Finally, although they don't biodegrade, our electronic products are RoHS certified. This means they meet the strict E.U. standards for heavy metals (cadmium and lead just aren't good news for anyone) & toxic compound levels in both the materials and manufacturing process of the product.

We hope that our products can contribute to the betterment of our world by providing jobs in facilities where everyone makes a living wage and has a safe, fun place to work. Our goal is share our small revolution while maintaining a reasonable environmental & social footprint.
How do I clean my Keyscaper keyboard?
  All keyboards get dirty. Crumbs and other fun stuff wind up in the cracks, and finger oils & dirt get on the keys.

We recommend you clean your keyscaper™ with Windex-brand window cleaner. Simply spray the glass cleaner onto a cloth rag, and wipe the keyscaper with the rag. Don't spray the glass cleaner directly on the keyboard!

To get the crumbs out, there are many good vacuums designed for cleaning keyboards. We recommend you avoid removing the keys from your keyscaper - some of them on are on springs that can be very difficult to re-assemble.
It looks hard to read the keyboard keys. Is it?
  Usability is a critical concern. Who wants a keyboard that you can't type on? Not us!

We spent a year researching different keyboard structures and styles to find one that feels good to type on, and a way to make the key nomenclature (labels) clearly visible. After printing literally thousands of keyboards, the method we settled on uses the contrast-differentiation abilities of our eyes - the most quick and powerful part of human vision - to allow the keys to be spotted quickly.

It's a balancing act: You don't want the keys to be hard to see, but you also don't want to make them overpower the design.

Here at keyscaper.com, we've all been typing on Keyscapers of various models for a couple years. All we can say is it works! If you’re still concerned, we recommend you select a design that is relatively simple, and doesn't involve a lot of high-contrast, high-detail areas. Check out the galleries, and we're confident that you'll find a design that strikes the right balance for you.
Is a Keyscaper actually just a sticker or a wrap?
  Nope! Keyscapers are printed directly onto the keyboard. There's nothing to peel off or come unstuck. Additionally, this is part of what makes keyscaping so affordable. If someone had to apply a sticker to each key and somehow wrap it perfectly around the edges that would require a lot of time!

Keyscaping is uniquely ours. We developed the technology at our factory in Oregon, and have adapted it successfully to several different consumer electronics projects. Keyscaper.com is our vision of the most interesting application of our technology.
How durable is my Keyscaper?
  We use an adhesion test system specified by the U.S. Military. Our processes produce prints that pass this test system by 100%.

The inks used to print your Keyscaper are rated for 1,000,000 touches, or "wipes," which is equal to the expected life of the key-switches themselves.

All keyboards do eventually wear out. However, we've done our best to make our keyscapers as durable as possible.

We recommend you avoid dropping, banging, or scratching your keyboard with metal objects. If you are planning on typing a three volume expanded version of War and Peace, you may want to have a backup handy.